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Tutoring  & Mentoring

For over ten years through our non-profit arm, we provided we one-on-one and small group tutoring services to youth, teens and young adults in the foster care system in the District of Columbia and surrounding areas. We held contracts with the Prince George’s County Department of Social Services, Washington DC Department of Child and Family Services, Foundations, Inc.



We provided structured programming that supported the developmental growth of students

which is directly connected to their self-esteem and their ability to process information

intelligently. We believe that all children must be provided with experiences that help them to

develop academically, socially, physically, mentally, and spiritually, if they are to grow to be

healthy, happy, intelligent and productive adults.

Tutoring Goals

Goal 1 – Homework Assistance (Traditional Tutoring)

  • Traditional Tutoring is providing tutorial support in one or more subject areas.

  • Also, providing assistance in helping the student to become more organized and helping the student to complete and turn-in all homework assignments and school projects.

Goal 2 – Academic Remediation

  • Programs of Academic Remediation are designed to remediate basic reading, writing, and/or math skills of students who are performing more than two grades below grade level.

Goal 3 – GED/Alternative High School Diploma
  • Providing assistance for students wishing to carn their GED.

  • Providing tutorial support in the 5 subject areas: Reading, Writing, Math, Social Studies, & Math.

  • Providing assistance with registering and taking the practice and/or actual GED exams.

Goal 1 – Educational Mentoring

  • Providing psychosocial guidance for students.

  • Helping students to see the importance of education.

  • Helping students to set educational & career goals.

  • Providing Students with support to achieve educational and career goals.

Goal 2 – Educational Advocacy
  • Providing expertise in areas of school administration and special education to support students’ “care teams” in developing students’ overall educational plan.

  • Assisting student, guardian and Social Worker in identifying appropriate school placements; in reviewing IEP’s; and identifying extra-curricular activities to support student’s growth.

Individual Learning Plans

We offered our clients 5 categories of tutorial services (below). Each client was evaluated and an Individual Learning Plan was developed outlining specific goals and objectives for each client.


The purpose of tutoring is to positively impact the client’s educational performance. Below is

a short list of ways to measure student success. The Monthly Progress Reports are used to

communicate successes or reasons for not success.

  • Quarterly Grades/Grade Point Averages

  • Performance Testing Results

  • Attendance at School

  • Successful Completion of Assignments/Projects

  • Grades on individual assignments/test – Decrease in incidents of negative behaviors


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