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Consulting Services

Out of School Time

  • Accountability 

  • Integrity

  • Professionalism

  • Innovation 

  • Service

Commitment to Quality.

Everyone at Hurley and Associates, Inc. is committed to fulfilling our quality vision statement: To provide effective and high-quality education services to our clients and the children and families they serve. We encourage a culture of quality and continuous improvement by:

  • Living the Core Values in all aspects of the business.

  • Dedicating ourselves to the Continuous Improvement Process for all of our products, services and processes by employing the best technologies. 

  • Cost Efficiency-

  • Technical performance — 

  • Project Management — including delivering the completed project on time, within budget, and minimizing any risks.

  • Teamwork - Educating all of the players on a project and developing and managing clearly defined scope of services. 

  • Quality Assurance/Risk Management — 

  • Data Informed Practice. Successful implementation of continuous processes to support  feedback loops~ using data to inform practice and measure results. 

  • Statistical Tools. For continuous improvement of care, tools and methods are utilized that foster knowledge and understanding.  Analytical tools such as run charts, flowcharts, histograms, and control charts to turn data into information and support quality assurance. 

Educational Services
  • E-Learning Solutions

  • Fiscal Compliance/Program Management

  • Monitoring and Compliance

  •  Instructional and Support Staff Professional Development

  • Small- and Large-scale Assessments and Evaluations

  • Subject Matter Expertise (Afterschool programming, At-Risk Youth, Early Childhood, Distance Learning, Extended Learning Time, and STEM) 


Peer Review Services
  • Peer Reviewers Recruitment

  • Management Peer Review Process (on-site and remote)

  • Conflict of Interest Screening 

  • Peer Reviewer Training

  • Comprehensive Web-based, Customizable Tools 

  • Reviewer Travel Logistics

  • Site Selection and Onsite Support

  • Post-review Evaluations​


Conference Planning/Travel Logistics​
  • Site Selection and Onsite Support

  • Material Development

  • Speaker Recruitment

  • Post-conference Evaluations

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